Development tracking (DevTrac) covers the list of previous and current research topics, projects, classes, proposals, and developments that I have completed or that I am currently working on. This list does not include every project or research contribution that I have completed or worked on, but is more or less most of the projects I have worked on contributed to.

Research and Development History

The following provides an incomplete track of the research and development I have completed during my graduate studies. All of the research topics and projects were also completed during both my Masters and Doctoral programs at UCD. All of the content presented in this collection is original work (including all images). I have been pursuing rigorous research and development in the University of Colorado Denver – Graphics Lab since 2011.

[Spring 2020] Research and Development

NE: Twist Deformation (state 1)
NE: Twist Deformation (state 3)
NE: Twist Deformation (state 2)
NE: Twist Deformation (state 4)
  • Postdoctoral Research – NSF:SCH (continued)
  • NSF Proposal: Generative Invariants for Strong and Equitable Facial Authentication through Thermal-Spatial-Temporal Learning Models
  • NSF: Real-time Exhale Flow and Volume Estimation through Thermal-CO2 Imaging
  • Development of new medical applications in exhale analysis and operational procedures
  • Deformation: Neural Elements (NE) – Optimization and UE4 integration
  • Destination Startup

[Fall 2019] Research and Development

Control design (render)
Respiratory studio (alpha)
Control design (real)
Controlled synthesized airflow
  • Postdoctoral Research – NSF:SCH (continued)
  • NSF: Real-time Exhale Flow and Volume Estimation through Thermal-CO2 Imaging
    + Extraordinary help from Dr. Se Dong Min!
    + Machine learning for predictive inverse modeling
  • Device prototyping and 3D printing
  • Approved: Badged at CHCO for Research
    + Onboarding at Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHCO)
    + Pursuing two pediatric studies related to breathing analysis

[Spring 2019] Research and Development

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) – Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
SLA print deformation (dragon)
I-Corps – Phoenix 2019
Perforated Stereolithography (SLA) deformable print – Form Lab 2 (Flex)
SLA print deformation (bunny)
CHCO – Neonatal ICU (I-Corps)
  • Graduation: Doctor of Philosophy – Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Completed both Ph.D defense concurrently with NSF I-Corps (!)
  • Publication: Masters Thesis (Thesis publication
    + Defended: Inverse Modeling for Data-driven Physical Simulation
    + Contribution 1: Neural Elements – Data-driven Elasticity
    + Contribution 2: Generative Deformation: 3D Printing Behavior
    + Contribution 3: Turbulent Exhale Flow: Respiratory Analysis
  • Additive manufacturing – Generative Deformation
  • NSF I-Corps Spring 2019 Cohort – Phoenix AZ
    + Completed 120 interviews
    + 111 were completed in-person
    + Cross-country (medical domain)
    + Outcome: No go (yet)

[Fall 2018] Research and Development

Exhale analysis setup (initial data)
Real-time DT Facial Reconstruction
Exhale analysis software (resp-studio)
Respiratory Studio (pre-alpha)
  • NSF: Turbulent flow exhale analysis software development
  • Publication: Smart Health Journal
    + Accepted Paper: Non-Contact Tidal Volume Measurement through Thin Medium Thermal Imaging
  • Robust exhale flow segmentation (research shift)
  • Patent: Refined Depth-Thermal Imaging (ML-driven alignment for authentication) – US20190080431A1(updated May 2020)
  • Real-time Depth-Thermal (DT) multi-modal imaging
    + Application: Respiratory Studio (pre-alpha)
  • Real-time DT surface reconstruction

[Spring 2018] Research and Development

Experimental setup (resp monitoring)
High-resolution visualization
Turbulent exhale flow analysis
Exhale image data analysis (mouth/nose)
  • NSF: Visual analysis of turbulent exhale flows
  • Publication: IEEE EMBS International Conference on Biomedical & Health Informatics
    + Accepted Paper: Behavioral analysis of turbulent exhale flows
  • Fluid dynamics and automated segmentation
  • Publication: Smart Health Journal
    + Accepted Paper: Volumetric Reconstruction of Thermal-depth Fused 3D Models for Occluded Body Posture

[Fall 2017] Research and Development

WRX – (My Model) + Render
Medium setup for synthesized exhale data
Interior Design (Gamedev – UE4)
Device for automated control (exhale data)
  • NSF: Visual analysis of turbulent exhale flows
  • CHASE’17 → Smart Health Journal (extended version)
  • Publication: ACM PyHPC
    + Accepted Paper: Real-time Thermal Medium-based Breathing Analysis with Python

[Spring 2017] Research and Development

Real-time posture monitoring
Depth-Thermal (DT) posture
Occluded volume reconstruction
Depth-Thermal (DT) occluded posture
  • Data-driven physical simulation retargeting (Dissertation – GAANN)
  • Data-driven deformable experimental integration (GAANN)
  • Breathing volume – Thermal imaging and inverse gas simulation (NSF)
  • Comcast Media and Technology Center
  • Publication: IEEE Conference on Health Applications, Systems and Engineering
    + Accepted: Thermal-Depth Fusion for Occluded Body Skeletal Posture Estimation
  • Harmonic Gait Analysis (NIJ Proposal)
  • Real-time tidal volume estimation using iso-surface reconstruction (journal)
  • Cooperative research: Wireless surface reconstruction
  • TA: Data structures and program design
  • Course: Theory of Elasticity (Continuum Mechanics – Audit)
  • Equationists: Game Design and Development (partnership)

[Fall 2016] Research and Development

TV Training procedure
Run-time tracking (skeletal)
TV Real-time monitoring
Clothing – Undershirt, t-shirt, light coat
  • Data-driven physical simulation retargeting (Dissertation – GAANN)
  • Data-driven deformable experimental integration (GAANN)
  • Conference: IEEE Conference on Connected Health
    + Presentation: Washington DC – CHASE’16
  • Breathing volume monitoring for SDB (NSF)
  • Publication: ACM S3
    + Accepted Paper: WiKiSpiro: non-contact respiration volume monitoring during sleep
  • Equationists: Game Design and Development (partnership)
  • Cooperative Research: Beam-forming for wireless imaging
  • TA: CSCI-5920: Game Design and Programming

[Spring 2016] Research and Development

Pre-deformation surface
Surface point-cloud
FD surface reconstruction
Post-deformation surface
Surface curvature (normals)
Sobel surface reconstruction
  • Image-based deformable object behavioral reconstruction
  • Shader design and GPU programming (GLSL, OpenCL, CDUA)
  • Publication: IEEE Conference on Connected Health
    + Accepted Paper: Real-time Tidal Volume Estimation using Iso-surface Reconstruction
  • Presentation: Data structures in Computer Graphics (March 28, 2016)
  • EAS Secondary: ELEC-5638: Digital Image Processing
  • SEC Proposal: Skeletal extraction for gait analysis in monocular surveillance
  • TA: CSCI-2421 (001) – Professor: Thomas Augustine
  • TA: CSCI-2421 (E01) – Processor: Min Choi
  • TA: CSCI-4800/5800 – Shader and GPU Programming

[Fall 2015] Research and Development

Animation Studio – Surface scan
3D scan to iso-surface reconstruction
Recorded surface [vs] simulated FEA mesh
Animation Studio – Reconstructed mesh
Displacement vector field and deformation
Internal geometry optimization
  • Publication: International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC’15)
    + Accepted Paper: Deformable Object Behavior Reconstruction Derived through Simultaneous Geometric and Material Property Estimation
    + Presentation in Las Vegas, NV
  • NSF Proposal: Deformable object simulation
  • NSF Proposal: Non-invasive respiratory monitoring for Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB)
  • EAS: MECH-5120: Engineering Analysis
  • TA: CSCI-5920: Game Design and Programming (graduate)
  • TA: CSCI-5573: Operating Systems (graduate)

[Spring 2015] Research and Development

Bend Control Metaphor
Secondary Behavior (twist)
Bend Control Force Curve
Resulting Cloth Simulation
  • Masters Thesis → Conference publication
  • Publication: Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (GRAPP’15)
    + Accepted Paper: Interactive Control of Deformable-object Animations through Control Metaphor Pattern Adherence
    + Conference in Germany
  • EAS: MECH-5110: Numerical methods for physical simulations
  • Prototypes for chest-based surface reconstruction

[Fall 2014] Research and Development

Virtual Scanner Environment
SxStudio Alignment Editor (pair-wise alignment painting)
Virtual Scan (stanford dragon)
Painting-based Correspondence for pair-wise alignment
  • Enrolled into the EAS Ph.D program at UCD
  • Parallel Fourier Parameterization and Impulse-based Cluster Collisions in Incompressible Particle-based Fluid Dynamics
  • Painting-based alignment
  • Semi-automated pairwise alignment (robust)
  • Publication: International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC’14)
    + Accepted Paper: Intuitive Alignment of Point-Clouds with Painting-Based Feature Correspondence
    + Presentation in Las Vegas, NV
  • Sx Framework (sx engine)
    + Application: SxStudio – Scene rendering, virtual scanner, and alignment editor
  • TA: CSCI-5565: Computer Graphics (graduate)

[Spring 2014] Research and Development

LTI TOF Scanner v2.0 – Developed for Scanix 1.0 Relase
Sx Animation Studio (beta) – Bend Deformation
Automated TOF Scan + Reconstruction + Volume Computation
Sx Animation Studio (beta) – Force curve editor
  • Graduation: Masters of Science in Computer Science (MS)
    + Application: Sx Animation Studio (beta)
  • Robust pair-wise alignment of sparse TOF scans
  • Automated scan batch object reconstruction
    + Application: Scanix Relase 1.0 (LTI Delivery)
  • Laser scan to construction application: Resource volume measurement (large dirt piles)
  • Publication: Masters Thesis (Thesis publication)
    + Defended: Interactive Control of Deformable-object Animations with Intuitive Motion Pattern Adherence
  • Instructor: CSCI-1411: Fundamentals of Computing Lab (001)
  • Instructor: CSCI-1411: Fundamentals of Computing Lab (003)
  • TA: CSCI-2421: Data Structures and Program Design

[Fall 2013] Research and Development

StruXture – Gameplay objectives
Enhanced ICP – 2 Meshes
Automated Alignment (legacy)
StruXture – Interactive building
Automated Alignment (bunny)
Automated Alignment (truck)
  • StruXture: Physical simulation puzzle game using constraint-based dynamics
  • Pair-wise alignment of scans with minimal overlap
  • Publication: Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision, & Pattern Recognition
    + Accepted Paper: Enhanced Pre-conditioning Algorithm for the Accurate Alignment of 3D Range Scans
    + Presentation in Las Vegas, NV
  • Automated alignment of scan batches
  • Mobile scanning (scanix + laptop + laser)
  • TA: CSCI-5565: Computer Graphics (graduate)

[Spring 2013] Research and Development

Virtual Scanner (app)
Sx Engine Development (pre beta)
Virtual Scanning (synthetic data)
Iso-surface reconstruction (real data)
  • Development of virtual scanning (emulated LIDAR)
    + Application: Scanix beta (1.0)
  • Volumetric texture projection
  • Global and refined alignment (ICP)
  • Long-range scan quality improvement
  • Environmental and material reflection/refraction
  • Sx Engine development (pre beta)
  • TA: CSCI-5565:Computer Graphics (graudate)

[Fall 2012] Research and Development

Scanix alpha (1.0) – Loaded scans
LTI Scanner Hardware v1.0
Real-world 3D scanning (my car)
LTI Scanner Hardware v1.0
  • 3D Surface reconstruction from range-scans
  • Long-range Time-of-Flight (TOF) scanning algorithms
  • Highly constrained course-resolution scan alignment
  • Course-resolution surface reconstruction
    + Application: Scanix alpha (1.0)
  • Laser Technologies (LTI) – 3D Scanner Development (partnership)
  • Hardware device drivers and controllers

[Spring 2012] Research and Development

JPF: Sin(x), Cos(x) plots
JPF: Polar coordinate plot
  • Expression parsing (prefix notation)
  • Java Swing-based property framework
    + Application: Java property framework (JPF)
  • Interactive plotting (Cartesian, Polar)
  • Context-sensitive UI
  • Modular property + custom control rendering
  • First year of Graduate School (University of Colorado Denver)

[Fall 2011] Research and Development

  • Graduation: Bachelors of Science in Computer Science
  • RoMoVi – Autonomous Robotics Monitoring
  • Amp/Sub Custom Enclosure
    + Dual 14 inch subs
    + 1500W Amp (mono)
  • Synapse Editor (Win32 + DirectX)
    + Game/design engine
    + Developed from scratch in C++
  • Architecture and Design
    + “Gang of 4”
    + Modern C++ Design
Editor default viewports
Scale widget
Wiring box – Controllers, fans, and wiring – Holds the amp
Amp Stack + Subs (Polk Audio)
Viewport – Translation widget
Rotation widget
Built enclosures – 1/2″ Particle Board, Internally sealed
Carpeted enclosures (complete)

[Prior to 2011] Research and Development

There are also numerous unlisted projects prior to 2011 that I completed during the course of my undergraduate degree. This includes a text-based game engine + editor, a document language parser (jDoc), and my undergraduate Design Course project (RoMoVi), just to list a few; but I have not included those. All of the content shown above was completed during my graduate studies at the University of Colorado Denver (2011 – 2020). Most projects are also associated with an accompanying publication or technical paper that can be found on my Publications page.